Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello followers , we're starting this blog on whole new level (:
Yeah , we deleted all older posts and starting this renewed blog with chance for 1000sd (:
Project is called SNS models (StardollNewsSecrets) .
20 models will be picked and every week one of them will be eliminated .
All you have to do is to :
1. Join club SNSmodels ( .
2. In Top Spot Topic enter in competition .
3. Answer questions in Top Spot Topic
4. Wait until callbacks . (:

Grand prize for winner :
1000sd (:

and prize for runner up :

For entering in competition you must be follower and member of our club .


Lira1 said...

SUPRISED!!! Sweet idea,I think!
I will sure enter! Not just for
prize,BUT I wanna know if I will got any vote! Haha!!!

Im just myself I will made my meedoll how I like it!I'm just my self! I dont copy the others! :D Soooo.........

fashionista.xox said...

cool :)

is everyone going to gety called back??

i hope i do :)

cool blog btw :)

jerica said...

I hope i get called back too , i would love to be model :)))))


I'm RL_HIGHSCHOOL. I joined the competition. :]